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Artist:"How do I play a show?"

"Contact us via the website form, email or Instagram and we do our best to find a show for you."

"What venues do you operate in?"

“Please visit our 'Venues' link on the homepage. We are looking to expand to different cities in 2023 so keep your eyes peeled for updates”

Gig goer: "How do I book tickets?"

“Book tickets from our homepage or from ticketing website

Artist: "How do you know how many tickets I sell?"

“Customers are able to choose which artist they are coming to see from a drop down menu. Our reps ask people who they are coming to see when purchasing from the door. Artists are credited for every sale." ”

Artist: "What happens before a show?"

"All acts are sent a load in time (a time to arrive and unload equipment) and a soundcheck time within a week of their show."

Gig goer: "Can I buy tickets on the door?"

“Yes, of course (just as long as it isn't a SELL OUT!) The tickets are cheaper in advance anyways so why risk it, right?"

Artist: "Do I need to bring my own equipment?"

“Yes and no. You will need your instruments, amps and drum breakables. In most cases, headline acts will need to bring a full drum kit plus bass amp (and share drum shells and bass amp with supports).All our venues are supplied with a PA (including microphones and monitors) and we provide a Sound Technician.”

Artist: "How do I get paid?"

“You will be paid via bank transfer on the Wednesday after your show. When confirming your show, we will request your bank details.”

"How old do I need to be to play or attend a TFSP show?"

"Please check the show listings for age restrictions. When playing a show, this will depend on a venue’s own policy. We would always confer on an appropriate show for your age."

Gig goer: "I'm a photographer / reviewer, do I need a ticket?"

“We love welcoming photographers and reviewers into our shows for free. Please drop us a message before hand and we will issue a press pass. Please tag us into any photos and reviews. "

Artist: "Do I get a guestlist?"

“Our guest lists are for people that will aid the development of an artist. Press, management & photographers are welcome on our guest list. Please let us know before hand, so our reps are prepared."

Artist: "How long is my set?"

“Support acts will be required to play roughly 25 minutes whereas headliners will be required to play 40 minutes. *This may change dependent on the show.*”

Artist:"Can I sell merchandise at a TFSP show?"

"Yes, absolutely, please do!"

Gig goer: "Which artists have played before?"

“The Sherlocks | The Blinders | Palace | Ten Tonnes | Broken Witt Rebels | The Clause | God Damn | The Orielles | Mahalia | | The K's | Hyena | Llovers | The Hubbards |  Riscas |  Mellor | Big Image | Declan Walsh And The Decadent West | The Assist | Overpass | The Cheap Thrills | The Extons | Spilt Milk Society | Ruby J | Plus many more..."

Artist: "I'm a headline act, can I choose my own supports?"

“We love working with headline acts to craft a show together. We look forward to planning a killer show with you!"

Artist: "It is my first show, is that ok?"

“Here at TFSP we take great pride in giving artists their first show. All of our reps have played in bands before and are very supportive: they will show you ropes during your first shows and ensure you feel comfortable throughout. We’ve all been there!”
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